EsAudioPlayer updated(Ver1.7.3)

Today I updated EsAudioPlayer from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3.

  • Solved the problem that not working under the domain mapping installation.
  • Solved the problem that an error occured when using with PHP 5.4.

7 thoughts on “EsAudioPlayer updated(Ver1.7.3)

  1. Hi, I have a really urgent problem that I’m hoping you can help me with?

    I recently installed your amazing plugin on my website, and all was working beautifully. I then installed a q&A plugin which appeared to be working just fine as well, until I enabled a few features such as the ability to expand or collapse q&As, which requires jquery functionality.

    This did not work, and clicking on questions caused a new page to be opened with the answer displayed, rather than the expected expanding behaviour.

    I contacted the developers of the plugin, and they confirmed that the guilty plugin is unfortunately your wonderful plugin, and an error with jquery caused by it.

    In order to be certain the problem is with your player, I disabled all other plugins on the site, then enabled the Q&A plugin and your audio player. Bingo! They don’t like each other! Your player works perfectly, but something in the jquery code prevents the accordian expanding/collapsing functions of the Q&A plugin.

    Please could you advise me how to fix this, or release an urgent update to fix the problem?



  2. Hi, I love your plugin! I am a blind user and this is really really good.

    However, there is a problem with the accessibility buttons in Safari on iOS.

    Basically, although the buttons are visible to the Voice-over screen reader on iOS, double-tapping the buttons does not do anything. The only way to get audio to play on iOS when using Voice-over is to double-tap the Play graphic in simple mode, or the relevant image when using image mode.

    Please could you fix this?

    Everything works fine under Windows with Firefox and IE.



  3. Hi!
    thanks a lot for this great plugin!

    Have a request though:
    – when setting up a “grouping player” (just as the “Lucilin Radio” from the website I am developping), would it be possible to add a parameter to read the songs randomly?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.


  4. Great plugin that’s compatible with everything I’ve tried and very easy to use. Thank you so much. I do have two suggestions:
    1. Loading of your scripts on ONLY those pages where the player appears. Many other plugins do this and I don’t see why the home page (and others) loading has to suffer when I have no player on the home page.
    2. Move your scripts to wp_footer. I changed your php to load the scripts in wp_footer instead of wp_head and it works fine.

  5. Does Hover sounds work in the latest WP? I want to make my menu list items play sound on hover.

    • I can see the player button in your page with every browsers I can use. Can you see the player button by clearing cache and reloading the page?

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