Media File Manager

You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them. At the same time, this plugin modifies the URLs/path names in the database. Also an alternative file-selector is added in the editing post/page screen, so you can pick up media files from the subfolders easily.


(Known issues)
Some users say databases are not modified. See limitations below.


  • You cannot delete, overwrite/replace items. To delete items, use the standard media manager.
  • Media file manager cannot modify paths/URLs in another plugin’s own tables/records in the database.
  • Relative paths in articles cannot be changed.
  • Modified URLs in articles cannot be changed. For example, adding or removing ‘www’ causes problems.
  • This plugin does not work in PHP safe mode.


You can make directory, move, and rename in this screen.

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25 thoughts on “Media File Manager

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  2. I have found this plug in and I so hope it is what I need. I see it listing files and directories in my media manager but I am not quite sure how to insert the directory into a page. I will be so thankful if this works as I have been looking for something like this for months. Right now I use joomla 2.5 and docman with autopopulate as this has always been what help me back from doing the site in wordpress. I will gladly pay for the plugin if we can just get it going and displaying in a page.

    Thank you.

  3. The Media File Manager is buggy with WordPress 3.4.1. Sometimes it locks up and can only restart Dashboard by closing it down through Windows Process Manager. On one of these occasions it corrupted my Twenty Eleven theme header and I had to reinstall my theme.

  4. Similar to Robert Monk in February, on starting plug in it just enters endless timer and I have to close browser to terminate the process. No files or folders are displayed.
    WP 3.4.1 SQL 5.2.x.

    And the captcha think is not working! It keeps saying I have entered the wrong code but clearly is not.


  5. If user is not admin, how can they use this plugin. For example, login as editor, “media file manage” does not show up in the dashboard.

    • Click Settings->Media file manager. Then you can select user rolls which can use this plugin.

  6. In Meda/Media File Manager:

    I’m able to add directories and view the January 2012 directory already set up by default WP media.

    I’m not able to view contents of my February 2012 directory, which has dozens or hundreds of .pdf and .xls files along with a few photos. I get a clock and leave it going for 5 minutes while I do other work. When I return, the clock is gone and nothing on the page works. Reloading gets me back where I started.

  7. All attempts to move files give “rename() [function.rename]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 10150 is not allowed to access /var/www/vhosts/ owned by uid 48″
    How do I solve this?

    • You may be able to solve the problem by turning off safe mode of PHP and running PHP as a CGI program.

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  15. Same error here. A fresh WP 3.2.1 install with “Media File Manager” as the only plugin. Theme WeaverII-pro. FreeBSD 7.4-RELEASE #1 and PHP 5.2.17

    • I solved the installation problem with PHP 5.2.x and updated the plugin. Please try the new one.

  16. Hi,
    I can’t install your plugin! Follwing error comes up:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /nfs/c08/h01/mnt/115283/domains/ on line 319

    can you help?

    • I have no idea. Can you inform me about follwing?:
      *The kind of server you are using
      *PHP version
      *Wordpress versioin
      *All running plugins
      *The theme you are using

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