EsAudioPlayer – a cross platform, simple audio player plugin for WordPress

This is a simple, cross-browser, accessible audio player (MP3 player) plugin.

Here is a documentation:
HTML English
HTML Japanese
PDF English
PDF Japanese

Also, here is a temporary test site.

This audio player has three different modes:

(1)Simple mode
What the audio player has is only a play-button. Or when its width is specified as greater than 2x of height, a positioning slider is displayed.

(2)Image mode
When an image in the wordpress page or post is clicked, specified music begins playing.

(3)Slideshow mode
Playing slideshow and music. Timings of changing images are specified in the timetable.

I tested this plugin with IE8, Chrome 13, Firefox 5, Opera 11.5, Safari 5.1 (these above under WindowsXP), IE9(Windows7), iPod touch(iOS 4.3.5), and Android(2.3, emulator).

This audio player has accessibility features.

* Text browser users can download audio file.
* Screen reader users can manipulate the player by selecting play button, stop button, etc.

You can enable or disable these feature in the admin page. I tested them with Microsoft Narrator, JAWS(demo version), Focus Talk(demo version) , ALTAIR and NVDA.

Here is the EsAudioPlayer distribution page(

(Known issues/limitations)

  • This plugin does not work with browsers with Flash-blocking plugins.
  • Apache gzip compression causes problems.
  • When a player is put in jQuery UI tabs, it does not appear when using IE8.
  • Does not work in IE7.

53 thoughts on “EsAudioPlayer – a cross platform, simple audio player plugin for WordPress

  1. Hi! fantastic and simple plugin! I’m having trouble though with tje “repeat” function… it’s not working for me. I put
    and it doesn’t work…
    I have autoplay=”true” in the shortcode. I wonder if the problem is these two orders don’t work well together?
    How should I go about having the plugin autostarting and repeating?
    Thank you very much in advance!

      • Yeah!! I found out this very morning, by trial and error… It worked allright!
        Thank you for a great plugin!

  2. Awesome and simple plugin, not to mention the amazing kindness that you show in your prompt responses!

    Installed it on a local server and is working seamlessly, the only prblem I am experiencing is that I can’t seem to make it work in “repeat” mode. My shortcode is as follows:

    Am I missing something?
    Thank you very much

    • Oops! shortcode did not show!, well, what I put is simply autoplay=”true” and repeat=”true” , after the basic code… is it right?

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  4. This is such a great player. I’ve got it to work perfectly in every browser, including iOS, except it doesn’t seem to work on IE 9. The player appears but won’t play the audio file. Any trick to making that work or is there an update available soon? Thanks for any help. And thanks for a great player.

  5. I love the plug-in. One thing I’m totally stumped by though: How can I have sound files on my directory protected so that your plug-in will simply play (stream) the files, but if someone were to view the source code of the page and see the path, they wouldn’t be able to download the files? Most people visiting my site won’t be this tech savvy, but there might be those who figure it out and download a file I don’t want them to. I just want your awesome plug-in to stream the audio. Thoughts?

  6. Its lovely… but would be great if:
    1. You could add a playlist
    2. It would auto-resume with page changes
    Otherwise, its an awesome plugin.. look, feel and usability!

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  8. This is the easiest plugin to work with. Thanks so much for making it easy and simple for a non-techie!

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  10. Thanks for a simple MP3 player plugin! Works great for my site to listen to recordings of my wifes radio show.

    Anyway to have an option for a download button for all browers? I need to be able to provide the download option to everyone.

    Thanks for your help


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  12. I’m getting the following fatal error on my WP site after activating this plug-in:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_stripos() in /PATH_TO_WP_SITE/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/esaudioplayer/EsAudioPlayer_tt.php on line 12

    Any idea what’s causing it?

    • This is because the PHP installation on your server does not have mbstring(multibyte string) capability.

    • Write a code like the following:
      < ?php echo do_shortcode('[esplayer url="" width="250" height="25"]'); ?>

    • I updated the plugin to solve the problem that the plugin does not work in IE8. Sorry for your inconvenience.

  13. Plugin works great in FF. However in IE8, it seems invisible. If I hover over it, the cursor changes to a hand and if I click in the exact location of the play button it will play and become visible. Any thoughts on fixing this?


  14. This plugin is great but is there a way to change the preset volume, I need it to be lower than 100%. Thanks

  15. What am I doing wrong? I installed the plugin and created a post like [esplayer url="" width="200" height="25"]
    but the play doesn’t show up.
    I see the canvas code, etc. when I view source. But no player graphics appear.


    • I have not experienced nor received reports of problem like yours. What are your OS/browser versions?

      • This with Windows XP and Windows 7, using Google Chrome on both. I’ve temporarily switched to a different (Flash-only) player, but I really prefer the simplicity (of both use and look) of your player.

  16. Hi,

    Loved your plugin. But I seem to be having a problem using it with JQuery UI Tab in IE 8, and IE9. I hope you can help me out.

    IE8: I embedded two players on the same page, and I separated them into each tab using JQuery UI Tab. When browsing using IE8, the player shows and works fine on the first tab. However, when I click on the second tab, the player is invisible. To make it visible, I have to click on the fresh/reload button from IE8. I do not have this problem using Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

    IE9: The player doesn’t show up at all (invisible) whether it is embedded in single page or in tab. Refreshing/Reloading does not help. I do not have this problem with Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

    It could be an isolated problem. But I hope you or someone can shed some light into this. Thanks.

  17. Hi there
    Thank you for you plugin. I installed it and it was a breeze. Unfortunately it does not appear to play in Firefox 8.0. The audio plays in IE 9 and Chrome so I know the embedded file is working.

    Any ideas?


  18. First of all: THANK YOU for a GREAT and highly useful plugin! This is exactly what I have been searching for. I work as an advisor in Braille and assistive computer tehcnology for the blind, and I am blind myself. In my spare time I am responsible for some websites, and I have been searching for an audio player that would present me with clear, correctly named buttons I could use, and none of that rubbish screen content that Java or Flash based players often produce; screen content that does give meaning when reading the web page with synthetic speech or in Braille. The ability to name the buttons exactly how I want them is just excellent, and gives also the opportunity to translate the button labels into whatever language one should wish.

    There are two things I would like to ask for.
    1. Even though I can understand the reason for publishing the documentation as pdf files, it would bring the accessibility even further if the documentation could be found and read as an ordinary web page. Even though the pdf is easy to read, it is untagged, which means that you have to read it from one end to another to find out what everything is. A properly coded webpage with headings etc. would be to prefer, in my humble opinion.

    2. You certainly are aware of the advised of adding the post name to “read more” links to make them more understandable. The same goes for the esAudioPlayer. As long as I have just one player instance in a post or page, it is OK. As soon as I want to put more than one instance there, I get two or more links that look totally identical. So, what I would be really glad to see is a title parameter where you can put whatever you like, and that parameter added to the play and stop buttons so that you for instance will get a link saying “play file 1” etc. That would be meaningful.

    I really like that you have put work into testing your plugin with several screen readers. Thank you.

    Just one more comment about screen readers. JAWS and other screen readers have the ability to present lists of headings, links, frames, edit fields or whatever it might be on a web page. On a big web page such a list of all available links can be a good navigation strategy, to avoid having to read the entire page to find out what is there. But that requires the links to be understandable, and also preferrably unique.

    Again, thank you for a great plugin.

    • Hi Tore,

      Thank you for your suggestions!. Also I’m glad you like the plugin.

      Do you think the following specifications reasonable?

      (1) Add a title to a player as a parameter in a shortcode.
      (2) $title$ in the text of speech is replaced with the title.
      (3) Dummy links (<a href=”#”>title</a>) are added to every players so that screen reader can list players (this can be enabled/disabled).

      Also I’ll rewrite the documentation as an ordinal web site.

      • Hello,

        Yes, your specifications look great, and should definitely bring the functionality I ask for. Thank you for your nice and positive response.

  19. Thank you for developing EsAudioPlayer! What a GREAT plugin!

    I have only one question: How can I use it in a sidebar text widget?

    Thanks for your help!

  20. Very nice plugin. I can add 40 play buttons to a single page without any slowdowns. Impressive!

    However, the settings do not seem to be working. I changed colors in the simple player and saved my changes, but the player still uses the default colors.

    Also, I think the settings page should appear in the ‘Settings’ menu in the administration page. This is where most plugins put their settings pages. Currently the EsAudioPlayer configuration appears in the ‘Plugins’ menu.

    I’m using the latest version of WordPress (3.2.1) with the constructor theme.

    • I updated the plugin to 1.4.0 and solved the problems you described. Thank you for your cooperation.

  21. Last night, I updated one of the EsAudioPlayer plugin files to change the “top:0” to “top:5px” to adjust the alignment of the player button. Today I over-layed that change with the new version of the plugin and the code seems to be quite a bit different. Is there an easy way to over-ride the default setting for the “top:” parameter without changing the base code? I noticed in your example page, one of the players is set to “top:12px;”.

    Thanks again in advance.

    • There is a parameter ‘vp’ to adjust the vertical position of the player.
      (ex) [esplayer url="***.mp3" vp="-5"]
      Note that the sign of the vp value is opposite of that of CSS top parameter. I’m sorry I forgot describing about it in the document.

      • Thank you Atsushi,

        The vp parameter did the trick by explicity specifying px. I especially like the simplicity of this usage of plugin though I have yet to try out the other two.


        • Sorry to be so omnipresent but I would like to request that cursor be assigned to the player button.

          Thanks for your consideration,

  22. Thankyou for creating this plugin! It’s just what I was looking for. I am using a plugin called Gigpress and when I active ESAudioplayer Gigpress stop working and I get timed out when trying to acces pages using Gigpress. Any thoughts?

    • I couldn’t find the problem with Gigpress, but I found a problem of EsAudioPlayer that seems to be related to the problem you reported. I updated EsAudioPlayer to Ver1.1.1. Please try it and let me know the result. Thanks.

      • Thanks very much for your effort. Unfortunately the play buttons aren’t displaying at all now?
        All i have in the generated code for canvas is

  23. I don’t know how to use your plugin. I’ve used WPAudio in my other blogs which works okay, but I wanted to try yours out. Can’t get it to work. Also, WPAudio plugin conflicts with Mime Type Link Images plugin. Have you ever run into a problem there?

    If you could provide a little more detail as to the use of EsAudioPlayer, I’ll see what I can do.

    BTW, Thanks for the comment!
    Steve D. aka “Steadwell”, “Stevorati”

    • How to setup this plugin is described from page 3, and how to write shortcode is described from page 5 in the documentation.

      Currently the document of this plugin is a PDF file. If your browser is Chrome or so, it can be seen as if it is a usual web page, because lower half of its first page is blank. So you may have difficulty to know that there are more pages. I’m sorry.

      Also my english translation is poor, so there may be some parts you have difficulty to understand. In this case, please let me know.

      I had just posted source code of each sample pages. You can see them by seeing their comments.

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